The Petroleum Technology Research Centire and the Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute would like to thank the research scientists and communications experts who contributed to the creation of this document. In particular, Steve Whittaker (now of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation – CSIRO – and formerly of the PTRC) and Neil Wildgust (current manager of the WMP for the PTRC) who contributed to and reviewed many of the technical answers. Thanks also to the many scientists who contributed to the 12 years of research results at Weyburn-Midale and who may have been consulted in our writing process.

This document was also focus group tested in the Weyburn area with the assistance of Rick Fink of Empresa Communications and Trent Fraser of Fraser Strategies. In turn, the focus group results and the document itself were further reviewed by a panel of communications experts on CCS. These include Sallie Greenberg (Illinois Geological Survey, Decatur Project), Dan Daly (Energy and Environmental Research Centire, North Dakota), Duncan Kenyon (Pembina Institute, Edmonton, Alberta), Twila Walkeden (Cenovus Energy), Lori Gauvreau (Schlumberger Carbon Services), Chris Smith (representing the Environmental NGO Network), Jonathan Tremblay (SaskPower), Sarah Wade (Wade LLC), Camilla Svendsen Skriung (ZERO), Aleana Young (PTRC – Aquistore Project), and Jolene Goulden (PTRC).

Finally, thanks to Norm Sacuta (PTRC) for writing, re-writing and, with the support of Kirsty Anderson (Global CCS Institute) shepherding this document through to completion.