Acronyms and symbols

AFBC Atmospheric Fluidized Bed Combustion
AGR Acid gas removal
AQCS Air Quality Control System
ASU Air Separation Unit
B&W Babcock & Wilcox
Bara Bars absolute
Barg Bars gauge
BFW Boiler feedwater
BP British Petroleum
Btu British thermal unit
CC Combined Cycle
CCGT Combined Cycle Gas Turbine
CCPI Clean Coal Power Initiative
CCS CO2 capture and Storage (or Sequestration)
CCT Clean Coal Technology
CF Capacity Factor
CFB Circulating fluidized bed
CHP Combined Heat and Power
CO2 Carbon dioxide
COE Cost of electricity
COP ConocoPhillips
CT Combustion Turbine
DOE U. S. Department of Energy
DOE NETL Department of Energy National Energy Technology Laboratory
ECUST East China University of Science and Technology
EEPR European Energy Programme for Recovery
EIA Energy Information Administration
EOR Enhanced Oil Recovery
FBC Fluidized-bed combustion/combustor
FEED Front End Engineering Design
FGD Flue gas desulphurization
FOAK First of a kind
F-T Fischer Tropsch
ft3 Cubic feet
FW Foster Wheeler
FWI Foster Wheeler Italiana
GHG Greenhouse Gas
GI Gasification Island
GJ Gigajoule
gpm Gallons per minute (US)
GT Gas Turbine
H2S Hydrogen sulfide
HgA Mercury absolute
HHV Higher heating value
HRSG Heat recovery steam generator
HP High pressure
IEA International Energy Agency
IGCC Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle
IP Intermediate pressure
IPP Independent power producer
kJ Kilojoules
KBR Kellogg, Brown & Root
LCA Life Cycle Analysis
LCOE Levelized Cost of Electricity
LHV Lower heating value
LP Low pressure
LSTK Lump Sum Turnkey
mt Metric ton
MDEA MethylDiethanolamine
MMBtu Million Btu
MPa Mega Pascal
MTG Methanol to Gasoline
MTO Methanol to Olefins
NCCC National Carbon Capture Center
NDRC National Development and Reform Commission (China)
NETL National Energy Technology Laboratory
NGCC Natural Gas Combined Cycle
NH3 Ammonia
Nm3 Normal cubic meters
NOX Nitrogen oxides
NSPS New Source Performance Standards
OCGT Open Cycle Gas turbine
O&M Operation and maintenance
PC Pulverized Coal
PCC Post Combustion Capture
ppmv parts per million by volume
PRB Powder River Basin (Coal)
PSDF Power System Development Facility
psia Pounds per square inch absolute
psig Pounds per square inch gage
R&D Research & Development
RD&D Research, Development and Demonstration
RQ Radiant Quench (GE)
RTI Research Triangle Institute
RWE Rheinische Westphalien Electricidadeswerke
SCFD Standard Cubic Feet per day
SNG Substitute Natural Gas
SCPC Supercritical Pulverized Coal
SCR Selective catalytic reduction
SO2 Sulphur dioxide
SRU Sulphur Recovery Unit
st Short ton (2000 pounds)
stpd Short tons per day
TCR Total Capital Requirement
TFC Total Field Cost
TPC Total Plant Cost
USC Ultra Supercritical
US EPA US Environmental Protection Agency
WGCU Warm gas clean up