4. Overview of global CCS project status and outcomes

The database of CCS projects contains a total of 499 entries. Of these, 224 entries are small-scale R&D activities. The details of these activities are recorded in the database but are not considered in the analysis of this report. Accordingly, data from 275 CCS projects that meet the criteria set forth in Section 3.2.1 form the basis of this study’s analysis.

Figure 4-1 articulates the hierarchy of analysis applied to interpret the data. This hierarchy leads to the analysis of the commercial scale integrated projects that have potential to support the G8 objective.

Figure 4-1 Hierarchy of analysis

Figure 4-1 shows the following division of the 275 CCS projects by status:

  • 213 active or planned projects, including those which are operating;
  • 34 projects that have been completed;
  • 26 cancelled or delayed projects; and
  • 2 projects where the respondents have chosen to withhold the project status.

The active or planned projects are then examined further by their scale and CCS project type. Of the 213 active or planned projects, 101 are of commercial scale. Of these, 62 are considered as integrated that is, demonstrate the entire CCS process chain of CO2 capture, transport and storage.