Strategic analysis of the global status of carbon capture and storage. Report 3: country studies Russia

Russia has not yet been active in establishing policies and legislation to provide specific incentives for the development of CCS technologies and their deployment in test projects.

Presently, Russian legislation in traditional subject matters including environment, oil & gas and climate change is likely to govern any CCS project. This legislation cannot be characterized as a solid framework but rather as a combination of rules and procedures. One regulation that is expected to play a role specifically protects the environment and the atmosphere. This regulation, inherited from the Soviet system, obligates private parties to acquire environmental permits and follow emissions standards. Payment for exceeding such standards is the main regulatory mechanism used to enforcethis scheme.

Global CCS Institute
Baker & McKenzie
Carbon capture, use and storage (CCUS)

Report outlines Russia's approach to CCS, policy & legislation, existing CCS initiatives and potential storage sites.

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