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31 Mar 2009
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Strategic analysis of the global status of carbon capture and storage. Report 3: country studies New Zealand

New Zealand has supported CCS in the international community and has participated in the research of CCS technologies. The New Zealand Government has monitored international CCS developments and created policy and research groups to determine how CCS may be deployed in New Zealand.This includes a review of the existing legislative framework and what amendments may be required, as well as research into potential CCS sites in New Zealand.

New Zealand appears to be in a unique position as a developed country with a high proportion of agricultural emissions.Currently, no legislation has been enacted that specifically applies to CCS in New Zealand. Existing legislation may be applicable to some stages of the CCS process, however a more comprehensive legislative framework is necessary before CCS can be deployed in New Zealand.

Global CCS Institute
Baker & McKenzie
Carbon capture, use and storage (CCUS)

Report outlines New Zealand's approach to CCS, policy & legislation, existing CCS initiatives and potential storage sites.

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