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31 Mar 2009
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Strategic analysis of the global status of carbon capture and storage. Report 3: country studies Japan

Current government efforts to revise the Japanese legal system to facilitate CCS projects, and financial support for research, development and demonstration projects in the area of CCS are also a result of Japan’s commitment to CCS. The Government's Action Plan for Building a Low Carbon Society, released in 2008, aims to:

  • reduce the costs of CO2 separation and capture to around 2000 yen per tonne by 2015;
  • reduce the costs of CO2 separation and capture to around 1000 yen per tonne by 2020;
  • begin a large-scale CCS project early in 2009; and
  • work toward making CCS projects and technology accessible and possible to implement on a commercial scale by 2020.

This is to be done through, amongst other things, improving monitoring and environmental impact assessment capabilities and revision of legislation and regulations as required.

Global CCS Institute
Baker & McKenzie
Carbon capture, use and storage (CCUS)

Report outlines Japan approach to CCS, policy & legislation, existing CCS initiatives and potential storage sites.

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