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31 Mar 2009
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Strategic analysis of the global status of carbon capture and storage. Report 3: country studies Brazil

Brazil does not currently have any integrated policies or legislation dedicated to encouraging thedevelopment of CCS technologies or regulating the conduct of CCS projects in Brazil. There are noproposals for CCS draft polices or legislation at a National or State level. The National Plan onClimate Change has, however, identified climate change as a strategic issue for both the present andthe future of national development.

Existing environmental, health and safety legislation may be applicable to particular CCS activities.The legislation may also provide an insight into how Brazil might incorporate the regulation of CCSactivities within existing regulatory regimes or create new CCS specific legislation in the future.

Global CCS Institute
Baker & McKenzie
Carbon capture, use and storage (CCUS)

Report outlines Brazil's approach to CCS, policy & legislation, existing CCS initiatives and potential storage sites.

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