7.0 Leading by Example with Installations on Government Properties

The Williams Building in downtown Boston,Massachusetts, location of the United States Coast Guard, has a 28 kW AC PV system integrated into the roof consisting of 372 panels. (SunPower/ PIX08466)

Local governments can show leadership by integrating solar energy technologies into government facilities and properties. Leading by example is an excellent way to ignite a local solar energy industry and encourage area residents and business owners to adopt solar energy systems. This section describes the process for government entities to procure solar energy systems, including determining which government-owned locations are best suited for solar, choosing the appropriate financing mechanism, procuring equipment, and commissioning the system.

Read the following topic areas to gain a comprehensive understanding of the solar procurement process and options available, and see what activities are in place in the 25 Solar America Cities.

Nearly 2,000 solar panels installed at the Veterans' Affairs Regional office and Insurance Center in Philadelphia produce over half a million kilowatt-hours of solar electricity annually. (The U.S. General Services Administration/PIX18066)