Project-related activities

  1. Industry Workshop on the Effect of High Penetration Solar Intermittency on Australian Electricity Networks, held at the AEMO offices in Melbourne on 4 April, 2011
    • Brought together over 40 key experts from network service providers, power system operators, large-scale renewable system operators and other industry players from around Australia to jointly
      • report on the effects of renewable generation intermittency on electricity grids
      • identify the key concerns regarding intermittency in Australia
  2. A follow-up survey was conducted to get a better understanding of effects and concerns regarding intermittency in Australia from industry experts.
  3. Data collection
    • High resolution 10-second data collected from the Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Centre (DKASC) – 196 kW
    • 5-second data for CSIRO Energy Centre office building rooftop PV system – 22 kW
    • 1-minute data for Australia’s largest flat panel PV system at the University of Queensland – 1.22 MW
  4. Publication: 1st International Workshop on Integration of Solar Power into Power Systems -held on 24 October, 2011, in Aarhus, Denmark
    • Abstract submitted on 3 June, 2011
    • Notification of acceptance received on 27 June, 2011
    • Full paper submitted on 15 September, 2011
    • Paper presented in the Keynote Session of the Workshop on 24 October, 2011