8.2 Solar Intermittency survey

Following the workshop, CSIRO conducted a survey aimed at gathering more information about certain key issues of solar intermittency that are likely to impact the Australian electricity network. This was needed to further assist in identifying and incorporating the views of key industry experts on solar intermittency into the strategic direction of the project in order to support improved reliability, operation and efficiency of electricity networks with large-scale penetration of solar power. A copy of the survey can be found in Appendix B. The topics covered in the survey include:

  • growth in energy generation from solar
  • impacts of large-scale solar intermittency
  • impacts of small-scale solar intermittency
  • intermittency time-scales
  • data collection and forecasting
  • unique aspects of the Australian electricity network
  • control and service mechanisms.

For the convenience of respondents, the survey was web-based. It was sent to industry experts from various organisations around Australia, including those who participated in the intermittency workshop. Twenty responses were obtained and a considerable range of perspectives were gathered from the survey, as discussed in the following sections.