7.1 IEA Task 14 background

The International Energy Agency (IEA), founded in 1974, is an autonomous body within the framework of the Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) which carries out a comprehensive programme of energy co-operation among its twenty four member countries. The European Commission also participates in the work of the Agency.

The IEA Photovoltaic Power Systems (PVPS) Implementing Agreement is one of the collaborative research and development agreements established within the IEA. Since 1993 its participants have been conducting a variety of joint projects in the applications of photovoltaic conversion of solar energy into electricity.

Task 14, entitled High Penetration of PV Systems in Electricity Grids, was set up for the period from 2010 to 2014. The basic ideas for the proposed task resulted from a workshop on The Role of PV in Smart Grids - Integration of Renewable Energy Systems and Distributed Energy in Electricity Grids, Opportunities and Issues for Photovoltaics organised by the Australian PV Association in Sydney in November 2008. The intention of the workshop was to tackle opportunities and research needs for grid-connected PV in a high penetration scenario. Following the ongoing deployment of grid-connected PV in electricity grids in a number of PVPS countries and the problems and issues associated with this development, a number of PVPS members and external experts identified a clear need for further action.

The main goal of Task 14 is to promote the use of grid-connected PV as an important source in electric power systems at a high penetration level, where additional efforts may be necessary to integrate the dispersed generators in an optimum manner [48]. The objectives of this Task are to:

  • develop and verify mainly technical requirements for PV systems and electric power systems to allow for high penetrations of PV systems interconnected with the grid
  • discuss the active role of PV systems related to energy management and system control of electricity grids.