This report was prepared with support and assistance from International Rivers. Many thanks to Dr. Rudo Sanyanga, Jason Rainey, Aviva Imhof, and especially Lori Pottinger for their ideas, comments, and feedback on this report.

Two experts in the field of climate change and hydropower, Dr. Jamie Pittock and Dr. Joerg Hartmann, and Dr. Cate Brown, a leader in African river basin management, provided invaluable peer-review comments that enriched this report. I am indebted to Dr. Julie Langenberg of the International Crane Foundation for her careful review and insights. I also am grateful to the many people from government, NGOs, and research organizations who shared data and information for this study.

This report is dedicated to the many people who have worked tirelessly for the future of the Zambezi River Basin. I especially thank my colleagues from the Zambezi River Basin water authorities, dam operators, and the power companies for joining together with concerned stakeholders, NGOs, and universities to tackle the big challenges faced by this river basin today and in the future.