Report on Japan CCS stakeholder day

Professor Joop van der Pligt from the University of Amsterdam provided a keynote address focusing on issues relating to risk and risk perception of the lay public in the face of uncertain technologies. Dr Kenshi Itaoka then presented an update on the local Japanese context for CCS based on results from his longitudinal research on public perception and awareness. Findings from a number of project case-studies were then presented for discussion, followed by a workshop on a Communications and Engagement Toolkit for CCS Projects.

Thematic analyses of the discussions that occurred over the course of the day revealed a number of considerations that were relevant to the theme of communication and public acceptance of CCS. The major themes included:

  • the importance of cultural identity and its influence on public acceptance in Japan;
  • issues relating to the different considerations for offshore and onshore storage particularly because of Japan’s potential for earthquakes;
  • considerations around the potential benefits that CCS projects may bring and whether there were any likely compensation models that may be applicable in the Japanese context;
  • the role of NGOs in Japan;
  • the importance of transparency of information that is communicated;
  • the value of case studies for knowledge sharing; and
  • the need for education materials and more consideration and priority to be given to developing a positive image for CCS.


Global CCS Institute
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)
Public engagement
Carbon capture, use and storage (CCUS)

The Global CCS Institute and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) convened a one day CCS Stakeholder Day in Tokyo, Japan on Friday 19 November 2010. In total, 75 participants attended the workshop with the majority of participants from Japan. The focus of the day was around communication and public awareness of CCS projects, particularly concentrating on the results from earlier work sponsored by the Institute – namely, the ‘International Comparison of Public Outreach Practices Associated with Large-Scale CCS Projects’ project. The report details the presentations and discussions which occurred throughout the day.

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