Loy Yang Power


Loy Yang Power owns and operates the Loy Yang A Power Station and the adjacent Loy Yang coal mine. Loy Yang Power is Victoria’s largest electricity generation facility supplying approximately one third of the state’s electricity requirements. From a National Electricity Market perspective it supplies the equivalent of 8% of total generation for Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory.

Loy Yang Power is owned by the Great Energy Alliance Corporation (GEAC). GEAC consists of the following shareholders – AGL (32.5%), Tokyo Electric Power Company (32.5%), RATCH-Australia Corporation Ltd (14%), Motor Trades Association of Australia (MTAA) Superannuation Fund (12.8%), Westscheme (5.7%) and Statewide Super (2.5%).

Loy Yang A Power Station has a generating capacity of 2,200MW and is fuelled from the Loy Yang Power mine, which is the largest open cut brown coal mine in Australia, with an annual output of approximately 30 million tonnes of coal. The Loy Yang Power mine also supplies brown coal resources to the adjacent Loy Yang B Power Station.

Loy Yang A Power Station is located within the heart of the Latrobe Valley, 165 kilometres east of Melbourne. It commenced operations as a corporatised entity in February 1995 following the disaggregation of the State Electricity Commission of Victoria and its generating arm, Generation Victoria. Loy Yang Power was privatised in May 1997 as part of the Victorian Government’s privatisation strategy.

Loy Yang Power has been a lead participant and active collaborator in the brown coal research and development space for many years, including participation in:

  • Victorian Government’s R&D Advisory Committee;
  • Cooperative Research Centre for Clean Power from Lignite;
  • Mechanical Thermal Expression Coal Dewatering demonstration facility;
  • Victorian Government / LV Generator strategic efficiency improvements & CO2 abatement options studies undertaken by SKM;
  • ETIS research and development projects viz, Advanced Materials, Phased Array, Small gasification, Oxyfuel, etc;
  • Bankable feasibility studies for a new Power Station and re-powering of existing station with improved emissions performance;
  • Latrobe Valley Post Combustion Capture project with CSIRO, International Power-Hazelwood and CO2CRC.