9 Recommendations

  1. The specifics of the methodology described in this report were developed in relation to retro-fit of PCC to a particular power plant. This methodology can, in general, be applied for such projects on other plants. However, differences in existing plant design, proposed retro-fit technology and stakeholder composition, for example, will result in the need to adjust this methodology for use at other plants. Therefore the key recommendation arising from this study is that proponents of PCC retro-fit projects should study in detail the methodology described in this report, identify differences between the PCC scheme described in this report and their proposed PCC scheme, and modify this methodology as necessary in order to develop a customised methodology for application on their plant. By adoption of this approach the methodology developed in this study can be regarded as a template that can be used by other PCC proponents for customisation so their specific requirements are best addressed.
  2. It is recommended that an independent evaluation be included at every critical stage of a PCC project, in order to adequately capture and reflect the engineering definition or changes of technology, as the project moves through successive assessments to FID. This will reduce the risk profile of the project proponents before major funding is committed.
  3. This evaluation concludes that the thermodynamic modelling and integration of a PCC plant into an existing or new fossil fuel fired power station can be performed with commercially available software. However, it should be noted that this independent (thermodynamic modelling) evaluation is only one part of a range of site specific studies or investigations that need to be performed in an actual PCC plant deployment project. It is recommended that site specific studies or investigations be undertaken in conjunction with the methodology outlined in this report. These may include, but not be limited to, the following:
    • Range of Ambient Conditions
    • Power station operating regime
    • Availability of water source for PCC plant
    • Availability of land for PCC plant
    • Water Requirements for PCC plant
    • Total as opposed to partial cooling of the flue gas stream for additional heat recovery
    • Economic analysis of the design cases in this study
    • Impacts of the PCC retrofit on the existing plant systems and operability