2 Scope of study

The scope of the study is to assist the implementation and roll out of carbon capture and storage facilities. There is an important need to understand the performance impacts of CCS projects when proposed for deployment on existing or new power stations, as these performance impacts are a main contributor to the operational costs of the CCS infrastructure and therefore impact profitability of the power station operator and the cost of mitigation of climate change impacts to society as a whole.

This study will address the two following main critical aspects for the development of PCC projects:

  • The proposed methodology will provide an independent validation of impacts on plant performance and inputs for PCC projects. It documents a methodology for power station owners for the valuation of risks and revenue impacts on their plant operations.
  • The independent validation of the plant performance can contribute to a reduction of the currently-required risk premiums to finance the execution of a large scale PCC project as it identifies a methodology to validate the performance of the first-of-a-kind retrofits to power plants.