AC Alternate Current
AGR Acid Gas Removal
ASU Air Separation Unit
BES Battery Energy Storage
BbbEDD Basic Engineering Design Data
BFD Block Flow Diagram
BFW Boiler Feed Water
BL Battery Limits
BOP Balance Of Plant
CAES Compressed Air Energy Storage
CC Combined Cycle
CCPP Combined Cycle Power Plant
CCS Carbon Capture and Storage
CFB Circulating Fluid Bed
CPU CO2 Purification Unit
DC Direct Current
DCAC Direct Contact After Cooler
DLE Dry Low Emission
DoD Depth of Discharge
EOR End Of Run
EOR Enhanced Oil Recovery
EPC Engineering, Procurement and Construction
EPCM Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management
ESP Electro Static Precipitator
FBES Flow Battery Energy Storage
FD Forced Draft
FEED Front-End Engineering and Design
FGD Flue Gas Desulphurisation
FLA Flooded Lead-Acid
FW Foster Wheeler
FWH Feed Water Heater
FWI Foster Wheeler Italiana
GEE General Electric Energy
GOX Gaseous Oxygen
GT Gas Turbine
H&M Heat and Mass
HP High Pressure
HRSG Heat Recovery Steam Generator
IGCC Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle
IP Intermediate Pressure
KO Knock Out
LA Lead Acid
LHV Low Heating Value
LIN Liquid Nitrogen
LOX Liquid Oxygen
LP Low Pressure
MAC Main Air Compressor
MEA Mono-Ethanol-Amine
MHI Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
MP Medium Pressure
MWe Mega Watt electrical
MWth Mega Watt thermal
NaS Sodium-Sulphur
NEE Net Electrical Efficiency
NG Natural Gas
NGCC Natural Gas Combined Cycle
NiCd Nickel-Cadmium
NPO Net Power Output
NG Natural Gas
O&M Operating and Maintenance
OTSG Once-Through Steam Generator
PC Pulverised Coal
PCS Power Conversion System
PHES Pumped Hydroelectric Energy Storage
PSA Pressure Swing Adsorption
PBS Polysulphide Bromide
PU Process Unit
RH Re-Heated
S/D Shutdown
SCPP Simple Cycle Power Plant
SCR Selective Catalytic Reduction
SH Super Heater
SMES Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage
SOR Start Of Run
SRU Sulphur Recovery Unit
ST Steam Turbine
TGT Tail Gas Treatment
TIC Total Investment Cost
TSO Tight Shut Off
UPHES Underground Pumped-Hydroelectric Energy Storage
USC PC Ultra Super Critical Pulverised Coal
VLP Very Low Pressure
VR Vanadium Redox
VRLA Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid
WWT Waste Water Treatment
ZnBr Zinc Bromine