1 Introduction

Scope of this attachment is to provide some preliminary information on the possibility of storing CO2-rich solvent for later regeneration in post combustion capture plants.

The following main aspects have been evaluated, based on the information provided by leading Licensors of post combustion solvent-washing processes:

  • Feasibility of storing CO2 rich solvent;
  • Storage operating conditions to avoid degradation rate;
  • Maximum storage time to avoid solvent degradation;
  • Safety and potential risks of such a storage.

FW like to acknowledge the following leading post combustion capture technology Licensors, listed in alphabetical order, for the useful information provided on the above topics:

  • Aker Clean Carbon;
  • Alstom;
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI);

It has also to be mentioned that MHI owns a patent in the European Unit, USA and Japan (EP 0537593B1), which is dedicated to the storing of solvent and regeneration during high power demand.