1.2 Scope

This publication provides information on:

- CO2 hazard analysis, for both offshore facilities and pipelines.

- Some design and operational considerations for offshore installations.

- Some design and operational considerations for offshore pipelines.

Figure 1.1 CCS process flow showing (in red) the section covered by this publication

The scope is indicated by the red items in Figure 1.1. This includes CO2 at a point on a landfall at or just above the high water mark (starting at the beachhead), the offshore pipeline, any pieces of equipment attached to the pipeline (such as manifolds and tees), platforms where the CO2 is brought to the surface, and any other features up to the wellhead, but excluding the 'Christmas Tree' itself.

Use of the phrases 'upstream' and 'downstream', within the context of the CCS space should be treated with caution. In this document the phrase 'stream' is used in the context of the flow direction of the CO2.

This publication should supplement regulatory requirements (many of which are referenced within the text), and not substitute for them.

This publication does not cover:

- Onshore installations or transportation.

- Design and operating information for non-CCS related uses of CO2.