1 Introduction

This section explains who this publication is intended for, what this publication covers, what it does not cover and why it has been produced.

Who is Good plant design and operation for onshore carbon capture installations and onshore pipelines for?

This publication provides information for:

  • Project engineers and managers who are procuring new CCS installations and pipelines.
  • Engineering designers involved in the design of CCS installations.
  • CCS industry participants who wish to widen their knowledge of CCS technology and the properties of carbon dioxide.

What does this publication cover?

This publication provides information on:

  • CCS technology options.
  • The extent and scale of developing CCS technology options.
  • The fundamental properties of carbon dioxide and the impact that has on plant design, operation and safety including catastrophic loss of high inventory equipment such as transmission pipelines.
  • Some design and operational considerations for onshore installations.
  • Some design and operational considerations for onshore pipelines.

Why the need for this publication?

This publication has been prepared to:

  • Provide a basic guide for participants involved in the CCS industry.
  • Communicate existing knowledge on plant design and operation from the industrial gases sector into the CCS sector and identify the limitations of such knowledge for CCS applications.
  • Communicate existing knowledge on pipeline design and operation from the industrial gases sector into the CCS sector where applicable and identify areas of uncertainty where such knowledge cannot be applied with sufficient confidence considering the scale and nature of expected CCS operations in the future.
  • Allow engineers and project managers involved in CCS projects to widen their knowledge base to ensure that procurement of equipment and operational guidelines are using the best available knowledge.

What does this publication not cover?

  • This publication does not cover offshore installations or transportation to offshore installations via pipeline or ship.
  • This publication does not cover onshore transportation by tanker or any onshore related infrastructure for onward ship transport.
  • This publication only examines plant design and operational issues relating to carbon dioxide and provides no guidance on other materials routinely found within CCS installations such as amines, oxygen or ammonia.
  • CCS research and technology application is multiplying rapidly at the present time; this means that some of the information contained within this report will be superseded by later research and we would encourage all participants within the CCS industry to endeavour to keep abreast of CCS developments
  • It does not provide an exhaustive guide to all aspects of CCS plant design and operation and is no substitute for employing competent engineers and suppliers
  • This publication does not provide design and operating information for non-CCS related uses of carbon dioxide

Where can I find further information?

If what you are looking for is not outlined above, you might not find it within this publication. Other sources of information are listed in the References section.