I.2.1. South America

The same approach as seen for China and India was followed for South America. The qualitative source sink matching indicates areas where projects should be launched not later than 2012 in order to reach bankability between 2020 and 2022.

7 candidate projects may be found. Among them:

  • 1 onshore suitable DSF
  • 3 onshore possible DSF
  • 2 onshore depleted
  • 1 offshore depleted

The following Figure 117 shows the location of these additional candidates for bankability.

Figure 117: South America - Additional candidates for bankability 2020-2022 – Projects in unsuitable areas are depleted field and not DSF

Following the same probabilistic approach of success as developed in section 4, these 7 candidates could bring 5 additional bankable projects.

Such additional projects would have the following cumulated success, and probabilistic failure cost. This gives an average success cost of 48 M€ (Figure 118) which is above the average success cost for China and India, due to both labour cost and probability of success (storage projects to be developed in possibly suitable areas).

Note: the line/arrow indicates the mean value (modal value) of the distribution

Figure 118: Success and failure costs - additional candidates for bankability South America