A.2.3. Natural Seismicity

The natural seismicity being able to play a role into fault reactivation, areas potentially affected must be discarded from storage sites selection, because potentially leading to either some damage caused to the surface facilities of the storage, or to leakage through fault re-opening .

In the map below (Figure 68), all areas where the seismic hazard is qualified of ”Very High” and ”High” have been ranked as unsuitable.

This hypothesis is based on MSK scale54.

Figure 68 : World Seismic Hazard

SOURCE: Global Seismic Hazard Assessment Program, United Nations Population Division | Laris Karklis/The Washington Post - February 23, 2010

54 The MSK scale created in 1964, gets its name from three European seismologists Medvedev, Sponheuer and Karnik. It is a twelve levels scale based on: the intensity of the seism, the type of construction, the density of population at the moment when the seismic event occurs.