A.1. Methodology and assumption for the suitability map

The world geological storage suitability map is based upon the world geological storage IPCC prospectivity map [46] created in 2005.

A review of the different data on storage capacity and resource assessment around the world was made to complement the global map with regional information from local and regional initiatives. A lithological world map was used to improve the lithological repartition.

Consistency checks were applied in different regions at all steps of the map elaboration to challenge the hypothesis used.

The next step was to define an appropriate ranking valid for every country. This ranking was inspired from the existing capacity assessments [9, 15, 29, 53].

Where no information was available, the basin exploration status [25] was used to assess the general geological knowledge that exists on a specific area. The natural seismicity map was used to discriminate seismic active zone that storage will avoid as much as possible.