5. Gap Analysis to Meet Bankability Recommendations During the Next Decade

After having explained the storage development workflows (previous section) and following the global study methodology (see section 3), we used the developed analytical tools in order to answer the following question:

Is there a gap between the existing effort in storage development and the IEA 2020 recommendations and where?

We adopted a step wise approach in order to answer these questions:

  1. Analysis of the gap on the technical perspective and including only “non EOR / pure storage” projects. In this section, we want to show what the industry can technically deliver for these type of projects
  2. Analysis of the gap on both technical and non technical perspective only “non EOR / pure storage” projects. This section gives insights on the importance played by the non technical factors in achieving 100 projects by 2020.
  3. Analysis of the contribution of EOR to the overall. The important role that CO2-EOR can play within storage development is discussed in this section.