Strategic Plan - The Next Five Years

The next five years are a vital window of opportunity if the full potential of CCS is to be realised. The Institute is committed to supporting its Members to accelerate the successful demonstration and deployment of CCS. In July 2012 it began an extensive consultation process on its priorities by issuing a draft version of its Five-Year Strategic Plan.

The draft Plan focused on the Institute as a Membership-driven, fit-for-purpose organisation that will build on its track record to act as the global champion for CCS. As part of the strategic planning process the Institute will develop a diversified funding model to meet Member requirements. An extensive period of consultation with Institute Members was launched mid-2012, giving Members the opportunity to shape both the Strategic Plan and the Institute’s priorities in coming years.

The consultation process will reach its peak around the Institute’s International Members Meeting in Calgary, to be held in October 2012. Following receipt of Member feedback, the draft Strategic Plan is targeted for finalisation by the end of 2012.

Implementing the Strategic Plan, especially those aspects related to building a sustainable, Member-driven organisation will continue into 2013, again with extensive Member consultation. The Institute will seek to actively collaborate with other key international, national and regional organisations to undertake complementary activities and broaden Member value. Key features of the draft Strategic Plan follow.