%wt percentage (by weight)
2D two-dimensional
3D three-dimensional
AAP advanced amine process
ACC ALSTOM Carbon Capture GmbH
ANPM The Romanian National Agency of Environmental Protection
API American Petroleum Institute
ASTM American Society for Testing and Materials
CAP chilled ammonia process
CAPEX capital expenses
CO2 carbon dioxide
CCP CO2 Capture Plant
CCS CO2 capture and storage
Euro (currency)
EA Environmental Agreement
EGR enhanced gas recovery
EHR enhanced hydrocarbon recovery
EIA Environmental Impact Assessment
EIB European Investment Bank
EP electrostatic precipitator
EPC Engineering, Procurement and Construction
EOR enhanced oil recovery
ETS Emission Trading Scheme
EU European Union
FEED Front End Engineering and Design
FID final investment decision
FP7 EU 7th Framework Project
FS Feasibility Study
GCCSI Global CCS Institute
GHG greenhouse gas
GR gamma ray
Gt gigatonnes (x109 tonnes)
HSE health, safety and environment
ISO International Organisation for Standardisation
ISPE Institute for Studies and Power Engineering
kg/h kilograms per hour
km kilometre
kPa kilopascals
kPa(a) kilopascals (atmospheric)
m metres
m3 cubic metres
mD millidarcy
MEA monoethanolamine
MEF Ministry of Environment and Forests
METBE Ministry of Economy, Trade and the Business Environment
mm millimetre
MoU Memorandum of Understanding
MPF Ministry of Public Finance
Mt million tonnes
Mtpa million tonnes per annum
MW megawatt
MWe megawatt (electric)
NAMR National Agency for Mineral Resources
NER New Entrants Reserve
N/G net/gross ratio
NGO non-government organisation
NOx nitrous oxides
O&M operations and maintenance
OPEX operational expenditure
PC Project Company
PCC post-combustion capture
PM particulate matter
PP power plant
ppmv parts per million by volume
PSL product specification level
R&D research and development
SO2 sulphur dioxide
tpa tonnes per annum
UK United Kingdom
WFGD wet flue gas desulphurisation