9.2 Next Steps

Based on the Feasibility Study findings, the major activities to be undertaken during the next FEED phase of the Getica CCS Demo project are:

  • FEED for capture;
  • FEED for transport; and
  • Storage characterisation.

The objectives of the FEED phase are:

  • to explore the CCS project components at a greater level of technical detail;
  • to reach a ±10% accuracy of the investment cost estimates, compared to the ±20% accuracy of the Feasibility Study phase estimates; and
  • to acquire and process new geological data for the complete characterisation of the storage regime in Zone 5 (geological data acquisition (2D/3D seismic, wells) and modelling). This stage will determine the suitability of the selected storage solution and will provide the technical background needed to apply for the storage permit.

The start-up date for December 2015 will be re-assessed during the FEED phase. This milestone date is related to the NER300 funding constraints, where funded projects must be in operation within 4 years from award.

Important aspects of implementation of the first CCS project in Romania include knowledge sharing, capacity building and awareness campaigns. Such campaigns are part of the Getica project’s communication strategy and have been in place since 2008. For a complete list of past and planned events on CCS in Romania please see Appendix A of this report.