6 Health, safety and environmental impact

A preliminary environmental assessment has been undertaken for each project phase (construction, operation and decommissioning). This is based on the information available at the feasibility study stage, in order to provide an early indication of the potential environmental impacts and suitable mitigation measures.

The complete environmental assessment will be performed during the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process. This will involve reassessment of the potential environmental effects and the mitigation measures. The mitigation measures for the construction and operation phases will be presented in the Environmental Agreement (EA) granted for each component of the CCS chain.

The EIA for the CO2 storage site will have also the role to provide baseline data for the monitoring activities. During the EIA, several studies and assessments will be conducted, such as water quality assessment, soil studies, air quality assessment.

The EA will be published as part of a wide ranging consultation programme which will inform the local community, the regulators and other stakeholders of the proposed development.

The EA will be part of the application for obtaining the Construction Permits for the Project.

For the CO2 storage site, at the end of the construction/development phase, the static and dynamic models will be updated based on the data acquired during the injection tests.

During the operation phase, the static and dynamic models will be recalibrated based on operational and monitoring data. The environmental works performed during the operation phase will focus on leak detection (sampling and geochemical analysis, soil gas, vegetation stress, etc.) and quantification (if necessary) and on the health, safety and environmental (HSE) impact (CO2 concentration in the air; water sampling/analysis, soils acidity studies, surface deformation assessment and ecosystems surveys).

The monitoring for the operation phase will be continuous and it will continue in the other two last phases of the project: closure and post closure. The models will be recalibrated in these two phases, based on the injection history and operational and monitoring data to ensure that the CO2 will be permanently stored and that the predictive models will apply.

More details are presented in the Permitting Report of the Getica CCS Demo Project (refer Section 2.6).