The safe storage of CO2 can be a vital part of the solution to the challenge of global climate change. Project Pioneer (also referred to as Pioneer or Project) was a joint effort by TransAlta Corporation, Capital Power L.P., Enbridge Inc., the Governments of Alberta and Canada, and the Global CCS Institute to demonstrate the commercial-scale viability of carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology retrofitted onto a modern coal-fired power plant.

The Project was to be one of the largest and most advanced CCS projects in the world, and had the leadership and partnership expertise to make the Project – and Canada – a global leader in CCS. After completion of a feasibility study and despite substantial government and industry investment, the Project was not economically feasible due to insufficient CO2 sales markets and emissions pricing in Alberta and Canada. The project was cancelled in April 2012 and will continue to serve as a prototype and information source for the commercial-scale application and integration of CCS technology.

fig. 1.0