Communication of carbon capture and storage: outcomes from an international workshop to summarise the current global position

The inaugural conference was hosted by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). In total, ninety-eight international representatives from industry, government, non-government organisations, researchers, and communication practitioners came together to participate in an interactive day specifically tailored to summarise the current global position on communicating for CCS deployment. The reports details the presentations made and makes some conclusions about future activities required.

The challenge of understanding public perceptions of CCS and how to communicate the risks and benefits of the technology is something that social researchers from leading international research institutions have been grappling with for some years. Up till now, the opportunity to share their findings with interested industry partners has been somewhat ad hoc as more technical issues have always taken priority. However, as the urgency to deploy CCS has risen across the world, and evidence of failed attempts to achieve local community support for projects comes to hand, it is apparent that this issuecould become a commercial show stopper for CCS. Therefore this opportunity to share findings from the research was well received from the range of stakeholders involved in CCS deployment.

Global CCS Institute
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)
Public engagement
Carbon capture, use and storage (CCUS)

The Global CCS Institute sponsored a one day international communications conference for stakeholders in November 2009.

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