10.1 Workshop activities and features

Participants were asked a number of questions to evaluate the effectiveness of the workshop. Participants tended to agree that their understanding was improved by the activities undertaken as shown in the table below.

Table 5. Ways participant understanding was improved

Was your understanding improved through the following?1=Strongly Disagree to 7=Strongly Agree Mean SD
The presentations 5.78 1.05
Being able to ask questions 5.85 0.91
The discussions 5.70 1.10
All of the information and activities 5.93 1.11

Similarly participants were asked to evaluate workshop features. All nominated features of the workshop were rated favourably by participants as shown in Table 5 below.

Table 6. Evaluation of workshop features

1=Strongly Disagree to 7=Strongly Agree Mean SD
The venue was suitable 6.11 0.80
I will read the written information provided 6.30 0.87
The workshop was informative 6.15 1.10
The facilitator of the workshop was easy to understand 6.33 1.07
The length of the workshop was appropriate 5.48 1.55
The food provided was excellent 6.35 0.75
The activities were enjoyable 5.88 0.82