3.2.1. Existing Storage Projects Mapping

One mandatory step to perform the study was to construct a reliable storage projects database.

Several databases of storage projects exist on line. Most notably, the online databases from IEA GHG9, Global CCS Institute10, MIT11, Bellona12, Scottish Centre CCS13 and CO2CRC14 were regularly browsed to identify new project announcement and location. The DOE-NETL project database15 along with the Global CCS Institute CCS status report [22] were enhanced with compilations of news releases collected by Geogreen. There is some uncertainty on most of the storage location in the databases as quite often the CO2 source may be easily located whereas the storage point is more vague (e.g. North Sea or Otway basin). Whenever the nature of the storage part of the project was known (onshore or offshore, DSF or DOGF), it was included in the database.

The categories of the projects in the database are as follows:

  • Activity status
    • Active
    • Stand-by
    • Abandoned
  • Project nature
    • Saline aquifer
    • Depleted oil field
    • Depleted gas field
    • EOR
  • Phasing
    • Phase 0: global CO2 storage potential and capacity on a regional scale
    • Phase 1: Desk Based assessment - Storage ready
    • Phase 2: Licensing exploration license, Site confirmation and characterization, Injection test and licensing
    • Phase 3: Licensing demonstration or commercial, Construction and start up demonstration or commercial, Injection and storage demonstration or commercial
    • Phase 4: Closure
  • Scale
    • Research
    • Pilot
    • Demonstration
    • Commercial / Industrial
  • Location
    • Onshore
    • Offshore

The EOR category refers to CO2-EOR projects that include a Measurement, Monitoring, and Verification (MMV) activity.

The following Figure 6 is showing all 124 projects that include a storage part, and that are included in Geogreen database. A list of the considered projects is given in Appendix B

Figure 6: Publicly announced storage projects (Feburary 2011)

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