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MIT fusion reactor gets to try again for unlimited clean energy


MIT's experimental fusion reactor lives on, but at what price? (Credit: Chris Bolin, Wikimedia Commons)
It was only a few weeks ago that we had an in-depth talk with David Peterson (Focus Fusion board member and science communicator) about the the tricky playing field of nuclear fusion funding.  Now there is news that that Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Alcator C-Mod Reactor has received a funding lifeline from the US government.  The 22 million dollars approved by the US senate will allow the graduate students at MIT to continue working on the reactor through 2016.  Unfortunately, the funding was made possible by pulling it away from another fusion project, the ITER Tokamak Fusion Project. A case of two steps forward one step back?

Apple Inc releases annual environmental report - 145 stores now using 100% renewable energy

The Apple Store in Stanford, California one of 145 U.S. Apple Retail Stores powered by 100 percent renewable energy. (Credit: Apple)

Apple Inc is burnishing its eco-friendly image by adding more renewable energy to its activities and by lowering its overall carbon footprint across its manufacturing process.  This week Apple released its annual environmental report (PDF) highlighting improvements in its environmental activities.  Apple claims to have saved 33,800,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions that would have otherwise been emitted without its programs.  The report lists activities such as reducing the number of components in it's new Mac Pro desktop to employee incentives like bio-diesel buses for commuting.  One area not covered in depth by the report are activities by partner companies like the iPhone manufacturer-- Taiwan's Foxconn Technology Group.

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