When completed these two projects have the potential to store more than eight million tonnes of CO2 annually, approximately 11 percent of the State’s annual current emissions.

Gorgon is a single project (although involving joint venture partners) remote from population in an environmentally sensitive area. The Lesueur project is a multi party project involving different sources of CO2 and industrial use in a highly populated area of the state.

The Gorgon project operates under a State Agreement Act as there was no green house gas storage legislation at the time of its development. The Lesueur project will be the first project operating under Western Australia’s new Green House Gas legislation, amendments to the Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Resources Act 1967 and the Petroleum Pipelines Act 1969.

There are many differences, but there are also similarities and there is a sharing of knowledge and experience. Together these two projects place Australia and Western Australia at the forefront of CCS projects, CCS knowledge sharing and CCS research and development capability.