Purpose of this report

In 2010, Stanwell Corporation Limited (Stanwell) and GE Energy LLC (GE) working as the Wandoan Power Consortium conducted a pre-feasibility study to assess the viability of an integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) power station capturing 90% of CO2 from the fuel stream for transport and storage by CTSCo Pty Ltd (CTSCo).

This report seeks to share the study findings and describe the knowledge gained during this phase of the Wandoan Power Project (Wandoan Power). The knowledge sharing focuses on the Wandoan Power component (the IGCC with carbon capture) of the integrated Wandoan IGCC with CCS Project which was shortlisted for pre-feasibility studies under the Australian Government's CCS Flagships Program.

For knowledge related to carbon transport and storage investigations refer to the CTSCo Knowledge Sharing Report.

The target audience for the report is assumed to have a pre-requisite understanding of carbon capture and storage (CCS), utility power generation and project development. Learnings and issues that would be common to traditional generic power project development activities and processes, or location and jurisdiction specific topics have not been documented.