7.1 Health and safety requirements

Wandoan Power's health and safety objective is to ensure risks of an illness or injury as a direct result of the project are identified and then eliminated or mitigated and managed for all personnel working on the project, including any visitors or general public.

This includes minimising the health and safety risks through all project phases and establishing an underpinning culture originating with senior project management and driven throughout the project from top to bottom that rates safety and hazard awareness above all else.

These objectives shall be achieved by:

  • Establishing detailed risk management processes to identify potential risks and effectively implementing those processes.
  • Implementing a continuous training program for the life of the project for all personnel to familiarise themselves with the procedures, processes and risks associated with the project.
  • Introducing control measures to eliminate or reduce the risks to an acceptable level.
  • Incorporating recognised Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) standards into the design, engineering, construction, commissioning and operation of the project.
  • Ensuring compliance with relevant statutory provisions, codes of practice and Australian Standards.
  • Dedicating the resources to ensure effective and efficient systems and processes are implemented.
  • Implementing detailed OHS Management Plans for all site works.
  • Measuring and reviewing objectives and targets and implementing audit systems.

As Wandoan Power transitioned into the site mobilisation, construction, commissioning, start-up, operation and maintenance phases of the project, rigorous procedures and processes would be implemented that comply with relevant OHS legislation and focus on developing a safety culture.