1.1 Background

The Wandoan IGCC with CCS Project (the Project) is proposed as an opportunity to develop an integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) power station with carbon capture and storage (CCS) near Wandoan in Queensland's Surat Basin.

While IGCC, pre-combustion capture and CO2 transportation and storage have been proven individually, no coal power generation facility has integrated these technologies to provide electricity with significantly reduced carbon emissions. By integrating IGCC with CCS, the Project would be of international significance and set new standards for low emission technologies.

Planning for the Project began in 2008 with initial concept and definition studies. In September 2009, the integrated Project was jointly nominated by the Queensland Government and ACALET for consideration by the Australian Government under the CCS Flagships Program, part of the Clean Energy Initiative, which aims to support the research, development and demonstration of low emission technologies.

In December 2009, the CCS Flagships Program shortlisted the integrated Project for advancement to the pre-feasibility stage of development.