Novel CO2 capture taskforce report

A portfolio of low‑carbon technologies are required to be developed to reach Government targets for CO2 emissions. A large proportion of Australia’s electrical energy is generated using coal and there is an increasing use of natural gas. Geological sequestration of COfrom these fossil sources is being extensively studied in Australia. The present study was convened by the sponsors BCIA, ANLEC and the Global CCS Institute to investigate COcapture and storage by means alternative to geological storage. The technologies for novel COcapture considered by the Task Force fall into the areas of bio‑sequestration and mineral sequestration 

Global CCS Institute
Australian National Low Emissions Coal Research & Development (ANLEC R&D)
Brown Coal Innovation Australia (BCIA)
Carbon capture, use and storage (CCUS)
CO2 storage
Bio-energy with carbon capture and storage
The study investigates novel technologies for the bio-sequestration and mineral sequestration of CO2, and makes a number of recommendations.

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