4.5 Follow-Up Activities and Recommendations for Advancing CCS in Mexico

  • Hold similar workshops on CCS in other parts of Mexico to engage students and professors in other regions of Mexico.
  • Hold additional focused workshops in Mexico City on specific CCS-related topics.
  • CFE and the Mexican universities, in coordination with the Global CCS Institute and other agencies, to follow through on the five-point action plan developed during the roundtable discussion
    • All schools to begin implementing, formally or informally, the inclusion of CCS in the study programs of geology and geophysics from next semester (August-December 2012).
    • Global CCS Institute to provide a book on climate change, which is currently being developed, with a strong component of CCS, to be used as a textbook in the study programs.
    • Global CCS Institute to provide support for developing workshops on CCS to train teachers of universities offering geology and geophysics university programs in Mexico.
    • The Ministry of Energy of Mexico to coordinate the activities arising from points 2 and 3 between universities and Global CCS Institute.
    • National Association of Colleges and Schools of Engineering (ANFEI) to be invited to take part in the activities undertaken in the future with the intention to introduce the topic of CCS in Mexican universities in disciplines that apply this technology beyond of the earth sciences.
  • Deeper involvement of PEMEX and SENER in CCS related educational activities in Mexico