2.1 Training Module Updates

Based on input from the Project Overseer, the modules from Phase IV were reviewed and updated so that they reflected recent developments in CCS. With the update in Phase IV, the modules did not require major changes, but the modules were edited for accuracy, better grammar, and updated references. A new APEC reference number was assigned to the updated training module.

The edits to the modules included the following:

  • Introduction to CO2 capture and geological storage in energy and climate policy - Edits to ensure better language and flow. Updated references and added new references to IPCC reports and European CCS Directive and its implementation. Appendix to the Introduction was removed, and instead a reference was provided to the Global CCS Institute's State of CCS reports.
  • Module 1 CO2 capture and storage overview – Edits for better language and flow in the module, along with new references and language from IPCC reports.
  • Module 2: Post combustion flue gas separation - Edits for better language and flow. New diagram on options for carbon capture, which sets the stage for the next module as well. New diagram on post-combustion technology groups from EPRI. More detailed discussion on the chilled ammonia process.
  • Module 3: CO2 capture – Pre-combustion (decarbonisation) and oxyfuel technologies – Edits for better language and flow. Additional discussion on drawbacks of post-combustion capture options as well as disadvantages of precombustion and oxyfuel options. Updated diagrams on schematics for the processes from Vattenfall.
  • Module 4: CO2 compression and transport to storage site – Updated discussion on water content and other impurities in the CO2 stream. A new table on CO2 pipeline specification.
  • Module 5: CO2 storage options and trapping mechanisms - Edits for better language and flow. Additional discussion on issues associated with storage in depleted gas and oil fields.
  • Module 6: Identification and selection of suitable CO2 storage sites - No edits to this module by ICF.
  • Module 7: Key steps in developing and implementing a CO2 capture and storage project – A new figure indicating the steps involved in the lifecycle of a storage project. A new figure and details on an approach to assess the impact of impurities in a CO2 stream. A new section on "Investment Issues and Risks in developing a CO2 storage project". Updated references.
  • Module 8 to Module 14: -- There were no edits in these modules, as they were already well updated.