Storage developments

Brazil, Mexico, and South Africa are developing countries that have already undertaken a country-level storage assessment. Brazil is in the process of finalising its storage atlas for publication later in 2012. Mexico released their country-level storage atlas in May 2012 as part of the North American Carbon Atlas Partnership program. Mexico is now focused on investigating basins in the north of the country. South Africa released its national storage atlas in 2010, and is undertaking three more detailed storage assessments at basin level, the outcomes of which will feed into decisions around a test injection project. China has also undertaken some fairly developed regional-scale storage assessments as well as some detailed site characterisation, especially in relation to EOR.

Very preliminary storage assessments have been undertaken (or are currently being undertaken) as part of broader CCS scoping studies in a number of other developing countries, including Botswana, Indonesia, Jordan, Kosovo, the Maghreb region, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.