Geographic distribution of LSIPs

The US has the largest number of CCS projects in both the active and planning stages, with half of active LSIPs and more than a quarter of all planned LSIPs (Figure 15). Because LSIPs that were cancelled or put on hold during the past three years have mostly not been followed by the development of new projects, there are now no LSIPs at the earliest stage of development planning (Identify) stage in the US.

Conversely, China has more than doubled its number of planned LSIPs from five to 11 in just two years, and has now overtaken Canada in potential capture capacity (Figure 16). All but two of the Chinese LSIPs, however, are in the Identify stage, particularly for their storage components.

Although the total number of LSIPs in Europe remained the same between 2010–12, six projects which were quite advanced in development planning (Evaluate and Define) have been cancelled or put on hold since 2010 and replaced with new, earlier stage projects.

FIGURE 15 LSIPs by region and year

FIGURE 16 Volume of CO2 potentially stored by region or country