7 Transport


  • CO2 pipelines are an established technology, both on land and under the sea. However, the scale of transportation infrastructure and investment required to enable large-scale deployment of CCS should not be underestimated.
  • There is limited CO2 pipeline operation experience outside the US, Canada, and Norway, and transfer of knowledge to other parts of the world is important to accelerate the deployment of CCS globally.
  • The development of so called ‘trunk lines’, or LSIPs with spare CO2 transport capacity, lowers the barriers of entry for other CCS projects and may lead to the establishment of integrated CCS networks in the future.
  • CO2 pipelines and ships pose no higher risk than that which is already safely managed for transporting hydrocarbons (such as natural gas and oil) International standards are currently being developed to further promote safe and efficient operation of CO2 infrastructure.