6 Capture


  • Capturing CO2 at a commercial scale is currently being undertaken in gas processing and industrial processes that produce high-purity CO2. Capture is starting to be applied to power generation at the demonstration scale.
  • Creating a viable business case for first-of-a-kind capture projects at commercial scale in power generation remains the key challenge for power generation. The high capital costs and ongoing operational costs (partly due to additional energy requirements associated with capture) are the key obstacles.
  • Advances have been made in oxyfuel combustion through the commissioning of two small-scale oxyfuel combustion demonstration projects.
  • Pilot-scale facilities are demonstrating capture of CO2 from coal-fired power generation, but more operational experience is required.
  • Further work needs to be supported to reduce the cost of capture, including promoting more efficient combustion processes, improved integration and flexibility of CCS into the power plant, and ongoing R&D into new capture technologies.
  • Capture demonstrations in iron and steel and cement manufacturing need to be further encouraged.