6. Värö, Sweden


Operation start up: TBD

Capacity: 800 000 tonnes/year

Capture Facility: Pulp mill

Capture Type: Post-combustion

Transport Type: Ship (or in pipeline network)

Storage Type: Saline aquifer

A pulp and paper mill in Värö, Sweden, owned by Södra Skogsägarna, has in a series of studies been identified as a large point source of biogenic CO2, located relatively close to storage formations in the Norwegian North Sea and Skagerack.50

Currently, the Norwegian institute Tel-Tek is carrying out a detailed feasibility study of the costs and technical requirements of capturing, transporting and storing CO2 from the Värö plant. The study is financed by the EU as an Interreg program study and is looking at all large point sources in the Skagerack area, including all CO2 sources around the Skagerack Sea bordering Norway, Sweden and Denmark. In the study various alternatives for transporting CO2 will be evaluated, for example the use of pipeline versus ship, and pipeline networks will be compared with non-integrated transport solutions.

50 Tel-Tek, 2008 and Karlsson et al, 2010