2. Liberal, Kansas to Booker area, Texas, United States


Operation start up: 2009 (currently operational)

Capacity: 105 000 tonnes/year

Capture Facility: Ethanol production

Capture Type: High purity source

Transport Type: Pipeline

Storage Type: EOR

Currently, only one project injects CO2 from a biotic source. It is similar to the Russel project in that it is an EOR project and it sources the CO2 from a Kansas ethanol plant. The main difference is that it is a commercial venture rather than a research project and it is operating on a long term, larger scale.

The project is operated by the US oil and gas producer Chaparral Energy. CO2 is collected from an ethanol plant owned by Conestoga Energy Partners in Arkalon, in the south west of Kansas. 105 000 tonnes of CO2 are compressed and pipelined 90 km through Oklahoma and into Texas where it is injected into the Booker North Upper Morrow Field. The injection began in June 2009 and is expected to carry on for many years still.

The primary goal of the project is to increase the oil production from the Texas oil field. The project is economically viable without research grants or other climate related incentives, because of increased income from the oil extraction. According to Chaparral Energy’s website, there are plans to expand the EOR activities, with injection into more fields in the area, including fields in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. The CO2 for such expansion could be sourced either from nearby ethanol plants or fertilizer plants (in this second case, the source would not be biogenic) and transported through a network of pipelines in these three states.