15. Ketzin, Germany

Stage: CANCELLED (reached EVALUATE as BECCS project)

Operation start up: 2008

Capacity: 80 000 tonnes in total

Capture Facility: N/A

Capture Type: N/A

Transport Type: Pipeline

Storage Type: Saline aquifer

The CO2 SINK project is an EU funded project led by the German Research Centre for Geosciences (GFZ) and involves 17 other academic and industrial partners from several European countries. The project is aimed at studying the injection of CO2 in an onshore geological formation. The intention was to inject CO2 from a biogenic source to achieve a BECCS system, but due to regulatory and technical difficulties, the project management instead chose to purchase CO2 of fossil origin from an industrial supplier. The BECCS element was therefore cancelled, but the project has continued as a fossil fuel CCS project.