10. Domsjö, Sweden


Operation start up: TBD

Capacity: 260 000 tonnes/year

Capture Facility: Pulp mill (BLG)

Capture Type: High purity source

Transport Type: Ship

Storage Type: Saline aquifer

The novel Black Liquor Gasification technology (BLG) will make it possible to capture and store the high purity CO2 stream from large scale pulp mill conversion processes. The amount of CO2 captured in mills equipped with the BLG technology will be lower than in pulp mills using conventional black liquor recovery boilers, but the cost will be much lower due to the high purity CO2 stream produced in the gasification process. When BLG technology is used, a separation plant will not be needed before the CO2 is transported to storage, and substantial cost savings can be realised where BLG is implemented.

The pulp mill in Domsjö, Sweden, owned by Domsjö Fabriker, is planning to implement the BLG technology, and has been identified as a potential BECCS project.51 The CO2 would have to be transported by ship to proven storage locations in the North Sea or to future storage sites in the Baltic Sea.

51 Karlsson et al., 2010