3D 3-Dimensional
AACE Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering
AD, A$ Australian dollar
AFUDC Allowance for Funds Used During Construction
AGR acid gas removal
ANZ Australia and New Zealand
ASU air separation unit
CAPEX capital expense
CCS carbon (carbon dioxide) capture, transport and storage
CO2 carbon dioxide
CO2CRC the Australian Government”s Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Gas Technologies
CTG combustion turbine generator
°C degrees Celsius
DrillEX drilling expenditure
ECBM, ECBMR enhanced coal bed methane recovery
EGR enhanced gas recovery
EIA (United States) Energy Information Administration
EOR enhanced oil recovery
EPC engineering, procurement and construction contract or contractor
EPCM engineering, procurement, construction and management contract or contractor
EPRI Electric Power Research Institute
FEED front-end engineering design
FGD flue gas desulphurisation
FGR flue gas recirculation
FID final investment decision
FOAK first-of-a-kind
FOM fixed operating and maintenance
FRST Foundation for Research Science and Technology
G8 Group of Eight (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States)
GHG greenhouse gas
GNS GNS Science, a New Zealand research and consultancy services organisation
GJ gigajoules
GWe gigawatt-electrical
HHV higher heating value
IEA International Energy Agency
IGCC integrated gasification combined cycle
IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
ITM ion transfer membrane
kg kilogram
kJ kilojoule
km kilometre
kW, kWe kilowatt-electrical
LCOE levelised busbar cost of electricity, often expressed in $/MWh
LNB low NOx burner
m metre
ME Middle East
MEA monoethanolamine
MMV measurement, monitoring and verification
MPa megapascal
Mtonne, Mt million (106) tonnes
Mtpa million (106) tonnes per annum
MW, MWe megawatt-electrical
MWh megawatt-hours
NA, N/A not applicable
NETL US DOE National Energy Technology Laboratory
NGCC natural gas-fired combined cycle
NOAK nth-of-a-kind
NOx nitrous oxides
O&M Operating and Maintenance
OFO overfire oxygen
OPEX operating and maintenance expense
pa per annum
Pa pascal = N/m2
PC pulverised coal
PCC post-combustion capture
PPP Public Private Partnership
RD&D research, development and demonstration
R&D research and development
ROW right(s) of way
SCR selective catalytic reduction
Sm3 standard cubic metres
Svy survey
Syngas synthetic gas
tonne metric ton, (1,000kg)
TPC total plant cost
UK United Kingdom
USA, US United States of America
USC ultra-supercritical
USD, US$ United States dollar
US DOE United States Department of Energy
US EIA United States Energy Information Administration
US EPA United States Environmental Protection Agency
USGC US Gulf Coast
VOM variable operating and maintenance