The greenfield nature of the NWSR project allows CO2 recovery to be designed in from early engineering stages reducing technology integration challenges and risks. By selecting gasification technology with Rectisol® the facility produces a CO2 stream that is immediately ready for EOR or other industrial application without the need for further cleanup and purification. This provides a significant advantage to meet current and future GHG reduction regulations.

The economics for including CO2 recovery in the NWSR project were highly dependent on integration with the overall process selection and alignment with the business approach. The benefits of a hydrogen addition process with gasification technology are a high product yield and quality, elimination of plant carbon waste and associated costs, elimination of natural gas consumption to produce hydrogen, and direct fuels production that eliminate intermediate steps and reduces inefficiencies to produce finished fuels.

While NWR had designed carbon capture into the facility, the project was licensed to vent CO2. The willingness of the Alberta and Canadian governments to support large scale CCS projects with the creation of a CCS Fund and the development of an effective CO2 storage regulatory framework was essential for the next step and for CO2 capture component of the NWSR and ACTL to proceed and become a reality.